Tuesday, July 17, 2007

North Carolina Historic Barbecue Trail

I like North Carolina. I like BBQ. Who's in for a mid-fall trip?

From this article:

The non-profit North Carolina Barbecue Society speaks of barbecue in terms of culture, heritage and tradition. Earlier this year, the society created a historic barbecue trail spotlighting 25 joints from Ayden in the east to Murphy in the west. Each stop on the trail specializes "in roasting pig the old-fashioned way, slowly over pits of wood or charcoal," the society notes. The cited businesses also have to make their own sauce, be in business more than 15 years, provide sit-down service and provide a final product "that is a high quality representation" of the state's barbecue.
Very cool. 25 historic BBQ places serving pork the traditional way? Luckily, the North Carolina Barbecue Society has a website.

This is a link to the description of the historic BBQ trail.

This is a link to the map of the trail.

Who's it? I'm not saying we could hit all 25 places in one trip, but we could start on one side or the other and get as far as we can in an allotted time.


Whitney said...

If you can overlay that map with one that shows golf courses and gambling venues, then we can begin the planning of a 4 day weekend sometime not in hurricane season, and I'm in.

Anonymous said...

I grew up eating Wilber's in Goldsboro (Their BBQ chicken with the white sauce is AMAZING). Parker's in Wilson is also a classic and Wilson is conviently located off I-95. My roommate was from Durham, so I got a taste of Bullock's which is very good as well. As for the other BBQ (Western NC), Lexington is where everyone seems to go, but I know for sure that Wink's in Salisbury and Bridges in Shelby is much better. Good luck!

jsa said...

I'm interested. I don't move into Princeton till Sep. 10th. I will be in Chicago from August 8-17, so we can talk/plan more then.