Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quiche and Brie

So, I got some bloodwork done recently, mainly because of my family history of cardiac issues, and it showed some lipid factors were elevated- so my doctor has asked me to try to reduce the fat in my diet- in particular, to try and eliminate, for a while at least, cheese, red meat, ice cream, and butter (among other things). Now, I love all of those things, and have (or had) a lot of all of those things in my fridge. Instead of throwing them away, I decided to have a blowout weekend before embarking on the diet. Nicole was in Princeton, and we cooked two superb meals on Saturday: lunch was quiche with bacon, mushrooms, scallions, red and green peppers, jack cheese, and italian parsley, served with a mixed green salad with oil and vinegar and slices of blood orange; and dinner was brie baked in pastry with honey and pecans, served with red pears and green apples. Pictures: