Monday, August 11, 2008

Back in the Have

So I'm back in New Haven now. I have a new apartment, and a gorgeous new kitchen. I have been going a little nuts with summer farmers market bounty and just enjoying cooking in the big, open, kitchen with two large windows. Also, Mark Bittman's blog, Bitten, has been providing some delightful recipes.

Some of the things I've made:

-Tilapia with cilantro, lime, tomatoes, and crispy garlic (apparently this is Yucatan-style, according to Bittman).

-Scallops stir-fried with green and red pepper and eggplant.

-Cold eggplant salad with sesame dressing.

-A bread salad with cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, and fresh basil.

-pasta with fresh tomatoes, garlic and basil

-A nice simple yellow dal (Indian lentils) with onions and cilantro

- Molaha Mangai- a south Indian mango relish- basically raw mango with asofoetida, chili powder, and a little bit of toasted mustard seeds.

-fresh guac

-fresh peach salsa

-Blueberry/raspberry cheesecake bars (no-bake, no less).

-mango milkshakes

-Sauteed cherries (some of them poured on ice cream, some put in a pie)

Here's a picture of the cherries on top of some blackberry ice cream, and one of the cheesecake bars:


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