Sunday, April 5, 2009

... The next night

You should all read the previous post. The food is much more interesting, and there is a brief discussion of my return to food blogging.

But this is what pushed me into posting again:

Nothing exciting there. It's four Vienna Beef polish sausages that I grilled along with some onions. Got home from work Saturday, wanted to fix something quick, saw the sausages in the fridge, and literally 9 minutes later had this plate of food ready for Akira and I to eat. Had some leftover collards greens, some jalepeno krunchers chips, and some rather turgid grape tomatoes. There was nothing special about the meal, but that plate of food looked good. So I took a picture. And decided I wanted to share it somewhere.

And I remembered the blog.

Not sure when I'll post again. We'll see.

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Tracy said...

Good pic ... but the inclusion of the word "turgid" even better.