Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I don't know why I was invited to the party

I feel like I'm out of my depth. I mean, I like food, but I hardly have the most discerning taste. I like everything, and I don't ask questions about what something is or isn't. Not only that, I already have a blog that I'm actively ignoring, so who knows if I'll have the time. Perhaps this means that I'll feel compelled to cook interesting things again, but probably not. Who wants to stir cajeta (or at least watch their girlfriend do it) for 3 hours when bryan cheats and just puts a dollop of tequila in caramel. In short, for my part on this project, I'm managing expectations. But who knows, I may surprise myself; but probably not, its been a long-time since the halcyon days of dinner club. Besides, my real agenda is to get BK and Drew to open a bar/restaurant together, and to that end, I will use any means.


miss casual said...

i agree. joe is the weak link here. i now totally regret not going to acapulco. not just because of the beach /ultimate thing but because i am the obvious choice to complete the triad of this bitchingly awesome blog and provide the much needed lady opinion that it needs and i missed my window.

Whitney said...

Hi all.
I feel left out as well, and I was even in Acapulco. But if you give me access to post on the blog I'll probably get fired from my job.

Bryan said...

We didn't mean to offend, but we wanted to keep it small, and we could have invited another 5 people from acapulco who are very qualified, and about 20 people here in Chicago who are qualified. I didn't want a free-for-all, except in the comments. We'll see how it goes. We may want some LA influence here.

As far as why Joe is here, it's because every time I want to try making something new or interesting, he is blindly encouraging. Nothing I try to do is too complicated or too simple. And when I screw something up, he eats it all. Plus, he pulls me towards slightly more healthy fare sometimes. Plus, if you've read his blog, you know he's a fantastic writer.

He is also the single person most likely to accompany me on food adventures, whether it's out to eat or out to buy a pig's head from Peoria packing. And If I do something well in the kitchen in an interesting way, I may be able to talk about it, but he can actually critique and review it for the blog readership.

Lastly, he is a great cook who doesn't cook enough, just like he's a great writer who doesn't write enough. If getting him on here makes him fix either or both of those, then it was a good decision.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

Well, I have nothing to offer by way of making food, nor do I have a wine-tasting-like vocabulary to describe all teh subtleties of a well prepared dish. But I promise I will be lurking around this blog, lying in wait (when in Chicago) to come sample some beautiful concoction that has been prepared for the culinary delight of all. I swear if the food is good enough (and I have been known to make a fuss over good eats), I promise to praise it like a scene out of When Harry Met Sally and people WILL be saying I'll have what she's having. But as for adding to the blog, I got nothing. I am hopelessly clueless when it comes to cooking. ;) jen

ay said...

This is going to make me start a favorite eats thread on Casual.. like right now.