Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Test Run for Scrumptulescence Summit

I'm in Washington DC right now for work training. Sunday and Monday night I had disappointing dinners, but was eating at chain restaurants in DC, not known as the best culinary town in the country. Today, Drew came to town. It was our first chance to eat together outside of the Acapulco buffet. His friend Morgan was kind enough to join us, and we went to this little bar / continental tapas place. It didn't compare well to the previous tapas meal that Drew had, but it was good enough. The charcuterie platter and the cheese platter were good. The Steak Tartare was good. But two things pushed it over the top. One, our server, Sarah, was awesome. My previous 2 DC dinners were definitely at the bottom of the ranks in service. Sarah was awesome, waiting on the whole place herself, providing good recommendations, and buying us dessert and shots. Pretty sweet. Second great thing: Pork Belly Confit. Oh. My. God. It is well known that pork belly is the best thing ever. (Anyone know what else is made from pork belly?) Slow cooking it in fat? Jeez. I can't really describe it. Amazing.

I'm up 2 hours later than I wanted to be, but special thanks to Drew and Morgan for treating. And the whole point of this post is to say that Drew will be visiting Madison in a couple of weeks, and I think I've talked him into coming down to Chicago for the first real Scrumptulescence Founders Summit. If he does, we'll probably try to do one great dinner out, and one great dinner in. So far, for the great dinner in, we've talked about grilled kangaroo tenderloin, and possibly grilled pizza with goat cheese and grilled pancetta. It's all theoretical now, but if you want an invite, you'd best start working for it.

Oh, and we're adding a few contributors. You'll find out who when they post.

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kimcheesquat said...

For the next time you're in DC... This blog has some good recommendations and updates about the culinary world in DC.