Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday Morning Links. The JL edition.

Just a quick post this morning. Nothing really interesting has been going on with me food-wise. Maybe Joe will post something.
OK. The links.

  • Carrots are cool. Go to your local farmers market when it starts up and get some good ones. The non-orange ones are pretty cool and tasty. Joe likes carrots.

  • Because of this review, we went to Sabatino's last night. It was Kolb's birthday, so the guitar player and the violin player did a very nice Happy Birthday for him, and then offered to play him any song. I was hoping for Moon River, but he asked for a Sinatra song. So we heard a very skilled rendition of Summer Wind. Since Joe had the best dish at the table, perhaps he can do a write-up about it.

  • This thread over on LTH talks about a cookbook based on O'Brien's British Navy series of books that Master and Commander was based on. Ex-roommate (ex-pat) Kevin is a big fan of those books. If he ever comes back, with or without a wife, we should make a big meal based on that cookbook. Do you know who else is a big fan of those books? JL.
Yeah, a little light today. I'll do better in the future. Have a good Wednesday.


pbgipper said...

JL sucks at posting and returning email.

Whitney said...

And JL and B are getting their asses handed to them by mr. drew the boy who can write. jeez, don't you chicago guys ever go anywhere or do anything memorable? WRITE! Enquiring minds want to read!