Monday, February 19, 2007

Past Life - an informal poll

We received some good comments from some ex-Chicago people who now live elsewhere. I knew posting about tortilla chips would get people talking. So, if you used to live in Chicago, and now you don't, what restaurants, bars, or food products do you miss? Maybe some of the Scrumptulescence staff will go to the restaurant or bar or pick up some of the food and then write about it, so you can live vicariously through us.

Might as well expand it, so Drew can do the same thing. If you used to live in Philly, what do you miss?

(If you've only visited either place, and you had some good food, you're welcome to comment as well.)


nevertoofaraway said...

I never lived in Chicago, but I always miss Spiaggia (cafe version, to be honest). Last time Liss and I were there I had melt-in-your-mouth gnocchi with a wild boar ragout. It was amazing, but couldn't hold a candle to Liss's capellacci with a brown sugar and butternut squash filling. It was out of this world, and she's still talking about it a month later.

I miss hot dogs.

Bryan said...

Drew- When you come to visit, we'll go to Hot Doug's. Trust me. It's worth the trip. Joe, Akira, and I will take a day off of work to go. I'd apologize to the boss who might be reading this, but he'll probably come along. In other news, a friend of ours used to be a line cook at Spiaggia, back when she was trying to decide if she wanted to be a chef or not. Unfortunately I never tried to take advantage of the potential insider hookup.

Nick said...

I never lived in Chicago, but I spent a lot of time there for some reason a long time ago.

I was gonna mention Hot Doug's. That place is the shit.

There was also a place called "Tacos and Burritos" I remember quite fondly. I think they had a few locations.

Also, not food related, but the Map Room might be the best beer bar I've ever been to.

miss casual said...

hey did you hear that the hot doug's guy is the first person to get cited for using fois gras after the ban? seriously...

trophywife said...

Well the pizza is obviously a bit lacking down in Urbana compared to the glory found in Chicago. From Philly I miss the food carts the most (great burritos, falafel, fresh fruit - all for so little cash!), the frites and beer at Monks and the chocolate pudding (with chiles!) at the White Dog Cafe. Divine, and I don't even like pudding.
p.s. Joe - write more!

jsa said...


Leon's (amazing barbecue)

the Ribs 'n Bibs hot link sandwich

Chinatown (Lao Szechuan, in particular)

Village Hut (amazing Gujarati restaurant in the suburbs)

Bistro 110 (reasonably priced bistro food right downtown)

Hop Leaf (fantastic belgian food, beer)

Map Room (great beer)

Piece (though I have it's New Haven model, Bar, right around the corner)


Monks: mmm....mussels and frites

Food carts: w/mango!

White dog cafe: I'm backing up trophywife on the deliciousness of chocolate pudding mit chile.

Christopher said...

Rodan in Chicago has to be one of the more memorable meals I have ever eaten. Also brought up the question of whether Chilean Sea Bass is an endangered species. I suggest the sticky buns and the grilled salmon curry.

alexandra (sasha) said...

Well, here in Raleigh, NC most things can be found, but the taste isn't always what one hopes for.
Aaah, Chicago. I actually got to eat more tasty things in Chicago once i had moved away, which is weird in a way, but it does make every visit a delicious one. :)

Of course i must second the Map Room and the Hop Leaf. There just aren't as many places with fancy world/belgian beers here. And i miss really tasty tapas like at Ba-Ba-Reeba or at Rioja.

And i miss pizza, deepdish and all. Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder Co. makes me so happy to be back in the windy city, even if it's 5 degrees outside. Chicago also has the bestest Chinatown. We don't have anything nearly as good here. There are a couple of big asian markets with bakeries inside, and there are a couple of dim-sum places, but nothing like the tastiness of Chi-town's chinatown. And i have been missing Greek food lately. Can't say i've looked very hard for it here, but in Chicago Greek town is easy to find and it has many tasty places.

But the south does have it's qualities. Two words - Sweet Tea! Oh, and of course we have delicious pork 'n ribs 'n slaw, and Bojangles, and Char Grill. And if you haven't tried boiled peanuts - they're fun! And who knew that collard greens and fried pickles could be tasty?