Thursday, February 15, 2007


Joe's addiction. On Drive-Thru for all to see.

Yes, they are the best in Chicago. Perhaps in the country, unless you're going to make your own.


pbgipper said...

I too have this very troubling addiction. I heard that Chucktown might have the worst problem. Some say it is what caused him to relocate out west, but I heard Miss Casual still ships occassional product to her forlorn brother in the city by the bay.

miss casual said...

this is true. i have sent those lovely chips in a shoebox to chucktown. he said aside from beach thursday night it is the thing he misses most about chicago.

Becky LeDonne said...
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pfil said...

when i was unemployed i practically existed on these chips, cub foods salsa, and the occassional bag of el rey chips with the hot pepper and lemon on the front.

i miss the medill bodega