Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wednesday Morning Links. And Some Encouragement

Jess submitted this to the editorial staff for inclusion in the Wednesday Morning Links. This article tells of the first female chef to be given three Michelin stars in the past 50 years. I've never been to a Michelin starred restaurant, but I do understand this is a pretty big deal.

I'd like to try to eat more seafood, and it sounds like it might be a good time to try Scylla. I used to walk past the place quite a bit when I lived in Bucktown.

This thread on LTHForum is about Lenten eating, and features Rick / Eric favorite the Duke of Perth. I think my agnosticism finally overtook my childhood upbringing, as this year I only feel the slightest twinges of guilt when eating meat on Fridays. Still, fish on Friday wouldn't be a bad dietary modification for me, although fried fish probably isn't the way to go.

On to the encouragement. I realize that Drew and I haven't been posting much recently. You can tell because two consecutive sets of Wednesday Morning links bump together on the main page. Very tacky. We're working on it. I'm just lazy and haven't done anything interesting food wise this past week, and Drew has been on a super secret mission. I've already said too much. Anyway, there is a third member to the Scrumptulescence team. Joe. You remember, he posted a little intro about how he shouldn't be posting here. Something about qualifications. Well, to encourage him, and to justify my insistence that he start writing about something here on this site, I am going to link to a few posts from his early blogging days on Crazy Nomad. They're not 100% about food, but you can see the genius, the willingness to share share everything with the world, and the lack of decorum. I have only linked to ones that are at least peripherally about food or drink(ing). After reading through some of these, if you know Joe, email him or IM him and encourage him to start writing regularly for our humble site. Ask about the kale he made. It was glorious. If you don't have contact info for him, just leave some comments here. He'll see them.

  • This is one of a number of postings he made while drunk. I like the assaulting of the waitstaff in a bar.
  • This post has some more good stuff about being in a bar, along with a talent show including a milk challenge, pizza hut, and pretending to drive while drunk.
  • More drunken posting, this one involving some BBQ among other things.
  • He makes soup in this one, and talks about Arrested Development.
  • In this he talks about wearing a loincloth, as well as touching on a breakfast place that is run by a cult.
  • And the last one, with a mini restaurant review and some details about an unusual path on a train trip.
See? I told you.

These were just randomly sampled from his archives. There's a lot of good stuff there. Which is why we all need to gently encourage him to write more, both here and on his own blog.

Have a good Wednesday.


miss casual said...

i am all about scylla and you can always blog about our field trip to marche. i also think we should go to alinea. for the sake of the blog of course. i mean research needs to be done.

and joe... come on. you could at least post about cooking at great wolf or something.

Joe Little said...

Miss Casual,
Writing about cooking at Great Wolf would be like bragging about a paint by numbers painting. All the credit rests on Bryan's shoulders for that meal.