Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wednesday Morning Links

To all within earshot: we need to go here.

And this guy has the right idea. Quitting his cubicle job at 30, fishing for 2 years, then becoming a chef with a passion for great ingredients? Did I dream that last night, or read about it here?


ea said...

Just subscribed myself to Drive-Thru, after realizing that the Gapers Block feed didn't automatically include it. I still need to take my parents and Tracy to one of Rick Bayless's places.

ea said...

Also. Love the Link posts. To start it off, you should all put out the sites you read, the feeds you subscribe to related to food.

alexandra (sasha) said...

mmm..Los Nopales..I knew i came back to Chicago for a few days for a reason!! :)